The Hotel Scalzi is situated in the Avesani Palace, that was built on the ruins of the ancient church of St. James of Galicia which was deconsecrated in 1806 and then bought at auction in 1829 by Bartolomeo Avesani.
Construction engineer and architect, during the Austrian domination he worked on the construction of the city wall and its defensive structures.
The Palace became his residence and on the front of the building the inscription “Non Nobis Domine Non Nobis Sed Tuo Nomini Gloriam Fac” stands there to highlight that the palace was built not to show or demonstrate one’s richness but only to honour the glory of God.

The strategic position of the Hotel Scalzi, between Bra square (Piazza Bra), with the adjacent Arena (Roman Antitheatre), and the Railway Station PORTA NUOVA, outside the traffic restriction area, has persuaded the Saccardi family to acquire the hotel in 2006 which is located in the noble floor of the Palace, to refurbish it completely in true Italian style and to reflect their own taste.
Who visits Verona either for holiday, business or for a cultural trip can easily walk to the main city sights from the hotel or travel by train to other cultural cities nearby: Mantova, Vicenza, Padova e Venezia.

The owners run the hotel themselves with a limited number of staff, always eager to meet their guests’ requirements and needs, available for a friendly chat and to give advise to either spend a pleasant time at the hotel restaurant or to visit special places outside the usual touristic routes.

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City Tax in Hotel: 1,50 euro per person per night. Read about it at Comune di Verona